Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hunter Hayes

Hey ya'll! Today's Man is the stunning Hunter Hayes. Hunter Hayes sings the song Wanted and is absolutely brilliant. He writes his own music, he plays like, a gazzilion instruments, including Piano, guitar and drums. Officially, he plays 30 instruments. Anyway Here's the song:
I don't really like his dimples. They're too deep and make him look like a puppy.... to me at least.
He looks tired in this picture... and it's an oldie.

Well that's all the pictures I'm gonna put up today.....
Requests are still being taken.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nathan Sykes

Now, I know that doing the whole "Oh My gosh! That friggin boyband member is HOT!" But he really is. And not in the "I'm a hottie!" way that Channing Tatum is. It's a quiet hot.
Nathan Sykes is a member of The Wanted and you've probably heard their song Glad you Came, It's very catchy.
                                           He definitely doesn't do good pictures when he's posing.
                           Ahh well. The Harries twins still beat everyone.

Finn and Jack Harries

Now, we're getting to my age type of guy... or "guys". The Harries twins!
                                They are hotter then any other celebrity....... or the rest combined!!!
                                                         I am melting right now.
                                      I don't even know what they're famous for. They're just hot.
                                                                 Wow. *Sigh* His hair.

Milo Ventimiglia

Ahhh.... isn't Matt drop-dead? Goodness, he's hot. Our next guy is Milo Ventimiglia. I can't pronounce that.... but he's cute, so it doesn't matter. He is also very old. Okay not that old. But to me, it's old.
                               Look at that! Quite stunning.... in a 35 year old man kind of way

                                                               But stunning nonetheless!

Matt Lanter

Today we will be studying the hot piece of human that is Matt Lanter.
For those of you who don't know him, Matt is Liam Court in 90210 and played key roles in several other shows. He is 29, which surprised me, considering his looks and all that.
This is one of my favorites ^,
As you can see, he has some Ice blue eyes. Very nice looking.
It's like he's staring into your What hotness.
Requests for the next celebrity will be taken and considered.